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Coach Greg

CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Certified
NASM Certified Personal Trainer                                                                                                                            
I am fortunate to wake up every single day with a grin ear-to-ear because I love what I do. Never would I have imagined the impact that CrossFit has had on my life, and the last two and a half years have been an amazing journey for me.

I have always been a very active and outgoing person. As a young man I played club level soccer and helped take my high school fitness team to first place in the entire state. Division 3 Soccer and Lacrosse at Drew and Montclair State where I completed my degree followed that. Then came three years of law school… working for a small firm in Miami and the dreaded “big box” gyms for several few years!

Fast-forward to 2013 and the desire to bring back a wholesome level of competition… education…. athletics and a healthier Greg. I was fortunate to find some terrific boxes and some even more amazing coaches. CrossFit has introduced me to some of my best friends… overcome many of my fears and uplifted my already gregarious personality. So I took my level 1 in 2014; I decided that I must pay this wonderful sport forward.

Aside, I am also an avid skier… scuba diver… yogi… mountaineer with a recent summit of Mt. Rainer and Mt. McKinley in the near horizon. I am a blue belt in Jui Jit Su… still play soccer and regularly try new sports.

My commitment to all of the individuals that I have the privilege to coach is to continue learning while sharing in triumph and failures of life together. I want nothing more than to see my fellow CrossFitters and friends advance and live happy healthy lives.


Coach Marcus

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

I was always an athlete. Whether it was on the basketball court in college or running for the track team, being a part of a team has always been a part of my life.

After college, l started a new team as a Health & Physical Education teacher and Basketball coach in Paterson Public Schools.  My goal as a PhysEd teacher is to show the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle.  It is important to me to lead by example, and so through CrossFit I have stayed physically active.  I have been involved in Crossfit for the past 2 years and this path has lead me to the team here at CFDE.

The feel of the chalk on your hand, picking up the bar, the 3-2-1 go, the music, the inner voice that tells you to keep going - keep pushing - this is Crossfit - and this drive is what I hope to inspire in those I coach.


Coach Jimmy

CrossFit Level 1 Certified
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Health and Fitness is a passion of mine.  I have been a Health/Physical Education teacher since 2005.   I received my Bachelor’s degree in Adult Fitness from Montclair State University in 2003.  Additionally, I received my Teacher Certification from William Paterson University in 2005.  Furthermore, I received my Master’s degree in Exercise Science from William Paterson University in 2013.  Aside from teaching, I have been coaching Crossfit since 2014.

I first came across crossfit in 2013.  I tried “Murph” as my first workout.  Forty eight minutes later, I fell in love with crossfit.  Little by little, I began incorporating crossfit workouts into my daily routine. Crossfit has helped me become stronger, leaner, and more flexible.  I received my L1 certification later that year.  I wanted to begin coaching because I want to help people achieve their goals.  

Watching athletes train hard is inspiring, and most important, motivating.  This is what crossfit is. The camaraderie, the community, and the relationships is what crossfit is all about.


Coach Dani

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

I was born in Brazil and came to the US in 2007 to finish my education in NYC. The South America’s warm weather was the incentive to become a swimmer and shortly I was part of a team in middle school. But I was always passionate for soccer (like all other Brazilians) and put my efforts in High school to become part of their team. I never stooped swimming. I still love soccer. But during college years running made me get through those stressful days, crazy schedule and so little time to make to the gym. Running was my passion and my favorite time of the day, my therapy, my happy time. Throughout all these years, physical activity has never been a punishment or something that I feel obligated to do but just the part of my day that make the sun shine brighter.

I walked into a box 3 years ago and never stopped since then. Crossfit has made me see fitness in a different perspective, it gave me a new passion in life, it made a trainer.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing members progressing, setting new goals, accomplishing old dreams, overcoming physical limitations. It gives me the feeling that my mission has been accomplished. That’s the beauty of fitness. You are never done, there will always be the next step. And that’s the reason that I’ll never stop changing lives including mine.


Coach Brian

Certified CrossFit Level 1 Coach

As a physical education teacher I have always felt that it is important to practice what I preach. Setting a good example for the students was of the utmost importance. Two years into my teaching career it became more and more difficult to stay fit. Doing the same exercises week after week became very mundane, and to make matters worse there was little to no progress being made.

One day I happened to be watching ESPN and “The Crossfit Games” was on. I was immediately intrigued. As luck would have it an acquaintance opened a functional fitness facility, which included crossfit classes. I knew that I had to try it for myself. I was immediately hooked. In the first four week, I made more progress than the previous four years. My favorite part was sharing this journey with the other members.

In 2013 I received my Level 1. I began coaching soon after and haven’t looked back. I have had the privilege of helping clients reach their fitness goals, and look forward to continuing my journey at CFDE.


Coach Kara

CrossFit Level 1
Gymnastics Certified                                                                                                                  

Being active and enjoying life go hand-in-hand; if I'm not having fun doing something, why do it?? From an early age I was involved in dance, tumbling, softball, and karate as well as playing outside as much as possible.More recently I've dabbled in running, cycling, yoga, stand up paddle, kayaking and anything my 3 girls are in to. Fitness has to be fun and keep my interest, otherwise where's the joy in it?

When I was introduced to CrossFit in 2007, it was a natural fit for me; the challenge, the excitement of learning new skills (like Olympic lifting), the variety of the WODs and the community of people I was surrounded by kept me coming back for more. For the first time in years I had been excited to show up and see what kind of workout was waiting for me. I loved that CrossFit brought together athletes of all levels and abilities to do the same workout side-by-side with each individual scaling to his/her needs.You would often find yourself in this great place of motivating others or being motived by someone more or less fit than yourself. My coach took me under his wing and I soaked up every ounce of knowledge he offered me.

Fast forward a few years to 2009 when I decided that I wanted to share my knowledge and passion with others. I got my Level 1 certification, started coaching regularly and the rest is well . . . history.


Coach Shamik


CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Certified

Who knew that a passion for sports and fitness could take a person around the world? After graduating from Montclair State University, my insatiable hunger for a physical challenge, among other factors led me into career as a United States Marine Corps Officer. While in the Marine Corps, I physically trained Marines as a Martial Arts Instructor Trainer in the U.S. as well as in the Philippines, Afghanistan, and Japan.

My first experience with CrossFit was in 2010, while stationed in Japan. The workout was “Cindy” and after,  I remember thinking, “that was a horrible idea”. I was surprised by how exhausted I felt after a workout that lasted only 20 minutes. It was not until I attended Oceanside CrossFit (OCF) in Oceanside, California that I officially “drank the Kool-Aid”. The physical challenge and the exposure to new movements as well as the friendly competition with other athletes kept me coming back. In that gym, I built relationships that continue, even after moving across the country. The word CrossFit is synonymous with fitness, but also with community. I am firm believer that CrossFit is a superior fitness model due its fast paced high intensity structure as much as its emphasis on building a positive atmosphere. These two aspects go hand in hand as proper encouragement and support can make the difference when it comes to completing those sometimes fleeting fitness goals.

As a graduate of Montclair’s Immaculate Conception High School and Montclair State University it only felt right to bring back my knowledge, experience and motivation to the people of Montclair. I have physically trained kids, adults, and Marines in the U.S. and abroad and now my journey, which began in Montclair, has officially come full circle.